Fraser Hiorns from Greater Manchester

Fraser Hiorns, 2000sNorth West‘I decided that I would like to become a leader and pass my knowledge on to other people so I applied to the Youth Training Team. In this team, we train our peers on different courses like Cadet Leadership, Cadet Trainer and Drug Education course.

Becoming Cadet of the Year for SJA Greater Manchester boosted my confidence and leadership skills, and I became an ambassador for SJA throughout Greater Manchester.

I am now a peer educator and can go out into the community to train. I can also teach first aid in local schools.

My ambition is to be a paramedic; St John Ambulance is a great way to help me achieve my ambition. I highly recommend St John Ambulance for everyone, as people of all ages should learn first aid or at least basic life saving skills, as you will not know when you might need it.’

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