Fred Platt from Hampshire

Fred Platt, 2010sSouth East‘In April 2010, when I was a volunteer in the St John Ambulance Bath Unit in Avon, I visited Nha Trang in Vietnam to attend my brother’s wedding. A few of us went to a secluded beach but in the afternoon someone spotted a man drowning. I noticed that he was unresponsive and unconscious so helped get him up onto the beach and started administering first aid.

My sister-in-law came over to work as a translator. He wasn’t breathing, so I began with five rescue breaths and then started chest compressions. He began to cough and I rolled him into the recovery position so he could cough up the water. I made sure his airway was open, kept an eye on his pulse and respiratory rate, and checked his pupils.

A taxi man offered to take us to the hospital as the ambulances were scarce. Once the man was transported, his friend gave me a handshake and a hug. It was really good to see this man finally on oxygen and being looked after.’

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