Jack Lyon from Lancashire

Jack Lyon, 2010sNorth WestI didn’t realise just how important the first aid skills I learnt as a Cadet were until my dad needed urgent first aid help in July 2011. He has an illness called myasthenia gravis which means that his immune system attacks itself. One of the symptoms is muscle weakness around the face and throat.

After a bad throat infection my dad was having trouble swallowing and couldn’t eat very well. My mum made bananas and custard but my dad started struggling to breathe. When I realised that he was choking I shouted for my mum and then bent my dad over and gave him some hard slaps on the back. On the fourth slap, a slice of banana shot out and my dad took a huge breath.

I realised that we could have lost my dad that day and basic first aid skills had saved his life.’


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