Jeff Tong from Kent

Jeff Tong, 2010sSouth East‘In March 2012 I prevented a heart attack at work because of the things I had learnt with St John Ambulance.

A work colleague suffers from Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT), when the heart rate increases at an instant. I was unaware of this situation and upon hearing him banging on the table clasping his chest in agony I found his medication in his pocket and helped administer it.

After he recovered, he told me how the SVT has previously led to heart attacks but could also result in death. It may not sound that impressive giving someone medication, but there was another colleague in the room who just froze in panic and watched the whole scene.

If it wasn't for St John Ambulance I would not have been able to deal with the situation as calmly as I did!’

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