Jonathan Brown from Nottingham

Jonathan Brown, 2010sEast Midlands‘In addition to being in St John Ambulance I am also a first aider at work for Morrisons.

On Saturday 13 March 2010, I was on my lunch break when I heard a checkout operator shouting at somebody ‘Are you alright?’ I saw another checkout operator who was on the floor by the time I could reach them. There were no signs of breathing. I asked the staff to call an ambulance and another first aider.

I commenced chest compressions and checked his breathing which was now normal. I placed the casualty into the recovery position and was joined by a second first aider, a former volunteer of St John Ambulance.

We discovered the casualty had a history of epilepsy. The casualty stopped breathing again and we re-started CPR - breathing again returned after a few cycles. He was still breathing but unconscious as the ambulance arrived.’

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