Douglas Bailey from Lancashire

Douglas Bailey, 1980sNorth West‘When I moved to Lancashire in the 1960s I was drafted into Haslingden Unit as Divisional Sergeant. Shortly after, I joined the police force and my first aid skills were put to use many times in my role as a police officer.

I later transferred to the Preston division and took on a role as the Duty Manager at Preston North End’s football ground, Deepdale, where St John Ambulance provides first aid cover at all the home matches.

I’ve seen many changes over the years and attended hundreds of duties, giving first aid to countless people. Over the years I have been drafted in as a first aider at the terrible Toxteth riots in Liverpool in 1981 and also during the miners’ dispute in 1985.

Looking back, there were some hair-raising events but at the time everyone tried to keep people safe and dealt with any injuries that occurred. First aid skills are as relevant today as ever and I’m proud to be a volunteer of St John Ambulance.’

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