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Activities for young people

Activities for young people

Vibrant and rewarding programmes to create a new generation of lifesavers of all sizes

In 2015, we continued to provide a range of opportunities for young people to learn the skills to save a life through our programmes. We run:

  • Badgers - for the under 10s.
  • Cadets - for 11 to 17 year olds.
  • LINKS - for students in college and university.
  • RISE - a specialist programme for young people who aren't in education, employment or training.

We also worked on our strategy for the coming five years, based on key priorities. These are:

  • • To create vibrant and rewarding programmes and opportunities.
  • • Provide trained youth leaders and supporting resources.
  • • Give young people a voice within our charity.
  • • Support young people to make future choices within and outside the organisation.

We are particularly excited about our work in peer education and leadership and with young first aiders. In 2015:

  • • Over 300 Cadets completed the courses designed to equip them with the skills to lead team and take on leadership roles within St John Ambulance and the wider community.
  • RISENearly 4,000 Cadets completed first aid training to allow them to support and deliver first aid at events.
  • • In 2016, we will launch our new peer education package.

RISE continues to grow

The RISE (Respect, Inspire, Support and Empower) project teaches first aid to young people aged 14-25 who are not in employment, education or training. This year, we ran ‘Stick-it’ sessions, focused on treating wounds that may be caused by knife or gun crime. Of the 18,000 young people trained through RISE in 2015, just under half said they had shared their first aid knowledge with others in the last 12 months and nearly a third had used their first aid to help others.

The rest of 2015

  • • Another innovation in 2015 came through our work with the Amy Winehouse Foundation (north west). Our youth development officers worked with this community based local initiative to train more than 1,100 young people.
  • • In the autumn, we took some of our young people to the major political party conferences, to talk about the way in which they have used their first aid skills. Six delegates successfully persuaded the British Youth Council to back compulsory first aid teaching in primary and secondary schools.
  • • We became involved with the National Citizen Service, and we work with Youth United (a group of uniformed organisations for young people) and Step up to Serve, the national youth volunteering initiative.
  • • We collaborate with other groups and organisations whenever possible, so thousands more young people have access to first aid training.

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