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Providing first aid in communities

Providing first aid in communities

Thousands of first aiders giving help where it's needed

Our volunteers play a crucial role in delivering first aid in communities across the nation. We want to make sure help is available where it is needed most, like at public events. We provide fully trained and equipped personnel at more than 30,000 events every year.

This ranges from small fetes and village fairs to major sporting fixtures and music festivals. In 2015 alone, our volunteers kept people safe by giving 1,000,000 hours of their time to offer first aid at events.

One such event in 2015, was the Rugby World Cup. Over the course of the tournament:

  • • 273 people were treated by our first aiders at games held at Twickenham, with 45 people taken to hospital.
  • • We had up to 63 volunteers on duty at each match and four ambulances on standby for hospital transfers.

In addition, we also provided first aid at the five Olympic Stadium World Cup games:

  • • 71 people were treated and three taken to hospital.
  • • Our teams worked closely with the London Ambulance Service and the stadium’s own medical team throughout the tournament to ensure the safety and wellbeing of nearly 800,000 people who attended the World Cup games.

Depending on the nature and scale of the event, we are able to provide paramedics, nurses and doctors as well as first aiders, in addition to ambulances, mobile treatment centres and other support vehicles.

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