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Resilient communities

Resilient Communities

Large-scale emergency relief when it really counts

Emergencies requiring first aid assistance sometimes involve entire communities, and we have developed systems to provide large-scale support. We can work alongside the statutory services when they are overstretched, whether during extreme weather conditions (so-called ‘winter pressures’), following major accidents or local or national emergencies. We take part in multi-agency emergency planning exercises as well as our own.

As the largest pan-England ambulance operation, we are able to deploy clinical teams and vehicles at short notice where they are needed. But – since first aid can be needed anywhere and at any time – we are also determined to increase individual communities’ resilience both through formal planning and through simply increasing the number of people who understand how to, and feel empowered to provide first aid when the need arises.

That’s why it’s so important to spread first aid skills wherever possible, and why we speak of a generation of life savers. But it’s also important that people who have life saving skills feel that they can use them. In 2015, the Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill became law. Its purpose was to encourage people to step forward in cases of emergency, by assuring first aiders that courts would take into account that they were acting selflessly. While the Bill was going through Parliament, we successfully campaigned for its wording to reflect good first aid practice. We welcome the new Act and trust that it will have an effect on making first aid a cultural norm.

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