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People trained in the workplace

People trained in the workplace

Straightforward, high quality advice and training for organisations of all sizes

We train more employees from more businesses, and equip more workplaces, than any other first aid organisation. Every year we:

  • • Hold more than 20,000 courses at over 240 venues, training over 262,000 people in businesses across the country.
  • • We make meeting regulatory first aid, fire safety and health and safety obligations straightforward for businesses.
  • • Our Emergency First Aid at Work and Fire Marshal training courses were once again the most popular courses, with both seeing an increase in numbers over the last 12 months.

We are increasingly aware that workplace first aiders have other roles in their personal lives, as parents, carers and community leaders. So in 2015:

  • • We delivered demonstrations particularly relevant to the parents among our workplace first aid trainees, on the topic of first aid for babies. The people we trained can now intervene in a wider range of incidents than their statutory training would allow.
  • • In a sign of our commitment to small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), we undertook research with the thinktank CentreForum. Their investigations into SME attitudes to first aid revealed SMEs highly value first aid because staff injuries can have a particularly disproportionate effect on productivity and profits.
  • • As a result of this, we have continued to refine the advice that we provide to organisations of all sizes so that they can comply with existing regulations. Much of that new material is already online, but we have also improved the service from our customer service centres.
  • • We have shared our findings with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), and have been working with the HSE on ways in which even the smallest organisations can keep their employees and customers safe, often by pooling resources with neighbours.
  • • We also provided advice to the Department for Education on levels of paediatric first aid in nurseries.

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