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Working with the NHS

Working in partnership with the NHS

Fully trained and equipped pre-hospital care around the clock

Working with the NHS, we respond to 999 calls to give assistance before the NHS ambulance arrives, and we provide back-up to the ambulance service, either to support emergency operations or to provide patient transport.

  • • We have hundreds of trained Community First Responders (CFRs).
  • • They operate from their own home using their own transport in local communities, and are dispatched by the NHS Ambulance Trust in response to 999 calls from the Emergency Operating Centres at the same time as an ambulance.
  • • As they live in the community, in many cases they arrive first and can manage the situation, often preventing the patient from deteriorating and speeding their recovery.
  • • Where they arrive at the same time or just after an ambulance, they are another pair of trained hands on scene.

Over the last year, we have continued to expand our ambulance operation. The focus has been on:

  • • Diversifying our customer base.
  • • Developing long term contract arrangements with Ambulance Trusts and other service users.
  • • We have increased operations significantly in the north east and the north west.

We have been successful in tendering for a number of neo-natal transport contracts with new business secured from Addenbrooke’s Hospital and Thames and Wessex Hospitals and contract renewals for Great Ormond Street Hospital and at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. We also undertook a major re-organisation of ambulance operations to create a centralised and more functional management structure, which will underpin future growth and development.

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