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Badger activities

With such a wide range of activities on offer, there is something for every Badger.


Badgers can earn a badge and certificate for every subject, and receive awards for every three subjects they complete:

Bronze award: 3 subjectsst John Ambulance bronze badger award


Silver award: 6 subjectsSt John Ambulance silver badger award


Super Badger award: 9 subjectsSt John Ambulance super badger award



Badger subjects

Badgers can choose fun activities from a range of 13 different subjects. The order in which Badgers complete these subjects depends on their sett.

Active BadgerSt John Ambulance active badger

Learn about being active and why it’s important to our bodies.


All About Me BadgerSt John Ambulance all about me badger

Learn how important your actions are and how they affect other people and communities.


Badger First AiderSt John Ambulance badger first aider

This subject is for older Badgers who have already completed First Aid Badger. Learn more important life saving skills.


Caring BadgerSt John Ambulance caring badger

Learn about caring for pets and find out about people who care for other people and animals.


Communicate BadgerSt John Ambulance communicate badger

Develop your communication skills with patients and others.


Community BadgerSt John Ambulance community badger

Explore the area you live in and look at the people that make up your community.


Eco BadgerSt John Ambulance ECO badger

Learn about protecting your local environment, avoiding waste and preserving nature.


First Aid BadgerSt John Ambulance first aid badger

Learn the basics of first aid. You must complete this subject to achieve your Super Badger Award.


Global BadgerSt John Ambulance global badger

Grow your understanding of world cultures and encourage respect of people’s faiths and beliefs.


Healthy BadgerSt John Ambulance healthy badger

Learn how our body works and what Badgers need to do to maintain their own health.


Helpful BadgerSt John Ambulance helpful badger

Find out how you can be helpful to people and causes in your community.


Safety BadgerSt John Ambulance safety badger

Find out potential dangers in the world you live in. Learn how to keep yourself and others safe.


St John Family BadgerSt John family badger

Learn the history of our parent organisation, the Order of St John, and look at the work it does today.


Badgers can keep a record of their achievements in their Badger passport. The final step for all Badgers is to help plan and take part in their Moving-on Ceremony, before moving on to Cadets.

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