One year on: first-ever Covid-19 jab was delivered

We’ve empowered thousands of people with new skills to help the nation through the pandemic. Hear how volunteers have sacrificed their time to protect as many people as possible from COVID-19

St John have spent more than 920,000 hours delivering lifesaving inoculations, dealing with patients at more than 650 locations across the country. Literally millions of people feel more secure having had their first, second or booster jabs from some of our 30,000 volunteers. We've been everywhere – at vaccination centres, GP surgeries, pharmacies, mobile treatment centres, care homes and even vulnerable people’s homes. When Omicron hit last month, we stepped up again – at one point, increasing vaccination activity by an incredible 200% in a single week.

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As St John Ambulance reaches out to its team of trained vaccination volunteers, asking for more help with the booster programme, the charity is also seeking expressions of interest from potential new recruits, in case there’s a need to further escalate its contribution; a form is at the bottom of this page: 

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