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Our new digital Mental health: Creating a supportive workplace training course aims to provide people with the skills to support one another, creating workplaces where positive mental wellbeing is at the heart of every interaction.

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Delegates follow Kay’s story to learn how a lack of mental health support and empathy led to her experiencing a mental health crisis. Through interactive elements delegates then unpack the scenario to determine where things could have been done better to support both Kay and the business. Guided by a virtual trainer, delegates test their knowledge as they move through the course to ensure learning is embedded and will come away with the skills to:

  • Identify someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue.
  • Open and hold a supportive conversation using active listening and empathy
  • Create an action plan that safeguards both the employee and the business.

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Thriving at Work

The course includes a toolkit to help organisations understand and implement the government’s independent review into mental health at work: “Thriving at work” by Stevenson and Farmer (2017). The Thriving at Work Review is built around six core standards, our St John Ambulance Guide to Thriving at Work explains each of the standards and how they can be implemented and embedded in your working practices to create a supportive workplace where positive wellbeing is prioritised.

The full toolkit contains additional resources alongside the Guide to Thriving at work, but you can download our introductory PDF for an at-a-glance look at the core standards and see how our course can help you understand and action them at work.


Click here to access our Introducing Mental Health: Creating a Supportive Workplace PDF



The course takes about 30 minutes to complete but this self-guided learning style means that learners can complete the module at their own pace.


A certificate of completion can be downloaded at the end of the course.

Benefits of Mental health training
  •    Increased employee morale.
  •    Encourages an open and positive workplace
  •    Increased productivity and performance.
  •    Reduced absenteeism or presenteeism.
  •    Reduction in the number of sick days due to    mental health issues.
  •    Reduction in business costs associated with    healthcare expenses, decreased    productivity, and increased turnover rates.

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 Mental Health - Supportive Conversations

During this course delegates will practice conversational techniques and gain self-assurance by experiencing different mental health situations and behaviours during role play scenarios with expert actors.

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 Mental Health resources

Get free advice and resources on how to create and maintain a supportive workplace where employees can thrive.

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Mental Health: Creating a Supportive Workplace taster video.

Our new digital Mental health: Creating a supportive workplace training course aims to provide people with the skills to:

  • Recognise when a colleague may be facing mental health distress.
  • Start a supportive and open conversation to determine what further help is needed
  • Build an action plan that supports and safeguards the employee and the business.

You can view a taster of our new digital training course by clicking on the video .


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