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The ‘what’s and why’s’ of workplace resilience training

7th of July 2021
Woman and Man say on the Sofa talking.

We put a series of questions to one of our long-term trainers, turned digital expert, to learn more about our resilience courses and the benefits they can bring to employees and the workplace.

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Where does Workplace First Aid belong in a Hybrid World?

24th February 2022
youth mental health

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing changes to the working environment across the UK, we organised research in to the role that first aid, and first aiders will play in the workplace with the introduction of hybrid working.

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Exploring youth mental health in schools

7th February 2022
youth mental health

We surveyed a focus group of our schools’ customers to gain some insight into how children's mental health is approached and the support staff get to deal with mental health in school. 

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Manager uses mental health first aid skills to save a life

8th of October 2021

After attending a St John Ambulance mental health first aid course, a manager used her skills to save a colleague’s life by gently persuading them to attend counselling sessions offered by their employer.

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Brave staff, first aid training and a defibrillator save a customer's life

19th of July 2021

Staff at Birchwood Shopping Centre in Warrington saved a customer’s life by using their first aid skills and in-centre defibrillator.

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Time to refresh your mental health awareness

16th of July 2021 - written by Eileen Donnelly

Mental health training expert Eileen Donnelly discusses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of the nation and explains why now is an important time to refresh your mental health first aid skills.

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