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how we saved lives in 2022

In 2022, we moved from our response to a global health emergency to beginning to deal with the pandemic’s aftermath and consequences, as the unpredictable effects of events at home and around the world brought new challenges and pressures. Ours is a charity that responds well to pressure, often calling on the reservoirs of compassion, resilience and optimism that define St John people.

Our purpose: Saving lives

Community first aid saves lives. That’s why we want to ensure that everyone gets the help they need in a health crisis:

  • By responding as volunteers and first responders, and as a trusted auxiliary to the nation’s health services
  • By educating to enable safer workplaces and more resilient communities and to inspire every generation to have confidence to provide first aid when faced with a health incident
  • By discovering through our service and listening to communities, customers and all St John people, how we can continue to lead standards in community first aid

2022 in numbers

Download our 2022 Impact Report

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We celebrated 100 years of supporting young people through our Cadet programme



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We’re the first ambulance service in the country to deploy a sub 3.5 tonne ambulance on 999 calls


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Vaccination Volunteers and NHS Volunteer Responders completed over 780,000 shifts


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16,154 people learnt vital life saving skills in BBC Manchester's Three Ways to Save a Life






A huge thank you to everyone who supports our charity’s vital work. A particular heartfelt thanks also to those who remembered St John Ambulance with a gift in their will.

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