This Valentine's Day, we want to promote our volunteering opportunities with a love-themed compatibility quiz for our followers to answer and be recommended their perfect volunteering opportunity. 

perfect match quiz

Love takes time to build. How many hours per week are you willing to commit?

How far are you willing to travel for love? We can discover which volunteering roles are available in your area.​

Are you an:​

Which option below best describes you?​

What’s your greatest talent?​

What do you enjoy most?​

Well done - how did you do? 

Find your perfect role by adding up the answers for a majority. Are you A, B or C? Read more about your perfect role below!

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A - Event first Aider

Your perfect match is an Event First Aider. You're someone who is extroverted, so we think you would be perfect for this role. You will attend professional football matches, theatres, music festivals, and big sporting events such as the London Marathon, where you'll ensure event goers are safe while treating them with compassion and respect.

To discover more about our Event First Aider role or our other opportunities, visit:

B - Vaccination Volunteer

Your perfect match is a Vaccination Volunteer. You're someone who is great at making someone feel calm when stressed, so we think you would be perfect for this role. As a Vaccination Volunteer, you will be administering the vital vaccines to the public. You will play a crucial part in transforming our current way of life and returning the world into a safer place.

To discover more about our Event First Aider role or our other opportunities, visit:


C - Community First Responder

Your perfect match is a Community First Responder. You're someone who knows what to do in an emergency and can apply your knowledge to help the situation. We think you would be perfect for this role. As a Community First Responder volunteer, you're trained to attend emergency calls received by the ambulance service and provide care until the ambulance arrives.

To discover more about our Community First Responder volunteering role or our other opportunities, visit:

Thank you for taking part in our #FallInLoveWithVolunteering quiz. ​