This bank holiday “have fun, but look after your mates”

This Bank Holiday, St John Ambulance is calling on the public to have fun, but look after your mates.

As thousands of St John Ambulance volunteers and young cadets prepare to support communitites and provide first aid at over 180 events across the country—including Manchester Pride, Notting Hill Carnival and many large sporting fixtures. We are urging those out-and-about to look after one another, to help prevent an avoidable trip to A&E. 

Freya Demby, who is representing St John Ambulance at Manchester Pride’s parade and volunteering at the celebrations this weekend, said: The last thing you want to think about is something going wrong on your night out, but it’s really important to make sure you’re prepared in case the worst does happen.

We’ve all been there, and our volunteers are trained to know what to do and will always be there to help you. But please do look after your mates if you are out drinking this weekend, so you can carry on creating the best memories and enjoying your night as you planned to. 


St John Ambulance has shared some important advice on how to end your day safely: 

  1. Keep safe by staying together when you’re out with friends 
  2. Your phone signal and phone can be lost, so arrange a meeting point at the start of your night so if you do get separated, so you know where to go.   

  3. Pace yourself. Keep an eye on how much you and your friends are drinking.  

  4. If you have used recreational drugs or drunk a lot of alcohol, it’s important to tell your friends what you have taken and when and get medical help from event staff if you need it. 

  5. If you think you or a friend has been spiked, make sure to alert bar or event staff and the police, including reporting any suspicious behaviour. Call 999 and get medical help, especially if there is a loss of consciousness, breathing difficulties, or abnormal or impaired sight. 

  6. Plan your route home—book taxis or download a rideshare app if trains or buses are not running. 

  7. Most of all, look out for each other so you can end the night safely. 


As well as supporting events across the country, the charity is also running its safe spaces this weekend in cities for those who may need help during a night out. 

The scheme, operating in a number of cities across the country, has helped reduce pressures on ambulance services and local A&E departments, by providing a safe space to look after those who have had too much to drink, lowering the need for an avoidable trip to hospital. 

Since November 2021, St John Ambulance has treated over 3,000 patients, with only 16% of those needing further hospital treatment. 

For more information on alcohol poisoningdrug poisoning and how to keep safe on a night out, we have useful resources on our website.