Vaccination Volunteer Mary

‘Knowing what I’m doing has really helped with my confidence’

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Hannah, Hospital Volunteer

It's hard to cry when you're wearing a surgical mask

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Vaccination Volunteer Nia

‘People think of wheelchairs as being related to disability but I see them as tools of enablement.’

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Hospital Volunteer Casper Michie

‘Holding the hand of a patient as they died when their family couldn’t be with them is something I will never ever forget.’

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CPR Lifesaver Vanessa

‘It was an incredible feeling to know I was responsible for saving someone’s life.’

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Health Citizen Daniel

'My mum and dad kicked me out when I was 14 because I was always in trouble with the police"

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St John Ambulance celebrates ‘vaxiversary’

Ask us how we’ve been vaccinating the nation

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