You may have noticed we've recently changed a couple of things on the course pages. We've done this to make it easier for people to find and book our Blended and Non-Consecutive courses.

What's changed?

We've replaced the location search on the course pages with "book your course now". When you click this, a pop-up will ask you to enter a location and select a learning style*. This is where you can choose blended or non-Consecutive courses if they are available for the course you are looking at.

As you can now book all the different learning styles in one place we will be removing the pages:

  • Blended online - First Aid at Work
  • First aid at work - 3-day Non-Consecutive
  • Blended online - First Aid at work Requalification

We have also renamed "Blended online Paediatric First Aid" to "Paediatric First Aid".

*Please note, not all of our courses have Blended or Non-Consecutive options available so there may only be one learning style option available on the pop-up.

What are the learning styles?


This learning style is entirely classroom based.


This learning style is a combination of online and classroom learning. Find out the benefits and individual course information.


This learning style is entirely classroom based, however, the 3 days are spread across 3 weeks.

(This is only available for our 3-day First aid at work course.)

Which courses have Blended options?

First Aid at Work

First Aid at Work Requalification

Paediatric First aid