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Apprenticeship description

What is the Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship?

Our Level 2 Customer Services Practitioner apprenticeship equips your apprentice with the skills, experience, and confidence they need to deliver excellent customer service and product knowledge, whilst complying with appropriate standards and regulatory requirements. 

What’s involved in the apprenticeship?

Our Level 2 Customer Services Practitioner apprenticeship focuses on:

  • Knowing their customers
  • Understanding the organisation
  • Their role and responsibilities
  • Customer experience skills
  • Product and service knowledge
  • Regulations and legislation

To build professional resilience into your workplace at every level, we can offer: 

  • Mental Health First Aid at Work
  • First Aid at Work
  • Level 2 Award in Health and Safety

All apprentices must hold Functional Skills English Level 2 & Functional skills Maths Level 2 qualifications by the end of their apprenticeship. 

How much does the apprenticeship cost?

You can get help from the government to pay for apprenticeship training. The amount you get depends on whether you pay the apprenticeship levy or not. You could be eligible for extra funding depending on both your and your apprentice’s circumstances.

You can use your Apprentice Levy funding towards the cost of this apprenticeship. You pay the levy if you’re an employer with a pay bill over £3 million each year.

If you do not need to pay the levy, you pay 5% towards the cost of training and assessing your apprentice. For this apprenticeship, this is £175. 

Additionally, there are also incentive payments for employers who hire a new apprentice between 1st August 2020 and 30th September 2021.

For full details on apprenticeship funding & incentive payments, please check the Government's website. To register for an apprenticeship service account to access funds or pay for training on the Government's website.

What are the benefits of Level 2 Customer Services Practitioner apprenticeship?

Your customer service staff are often the first point of contact a member of the public or future business partner has with your organisation. As we all know, these first impressions really count.

  1. Knowledgeable, confident staff: 

    Level 2 Customer Services Practitioner apprentices build key skills in:

    • Interpersonal skills
    • Communication
    • Influencing skills
    • Personal organisation
    • Dealing with customer conflict and challenge.
  2. Resilient workforce: 

    Mental health awareness & Health & Safety courses are an important part of our level 3 apprenticeships, providing apprentices will the knowledge and skills they need to develop professional resilience and safe working practices.

  3. Unique to the third-sector: 

    Our values of humanity, excellence, accountability, responsiveness and teamwork are embedded in all our training apprenticeship opportunities. St John Ambulance has a unique position as employer, apprenticeship training provider and charity. We take great pride in embedding our HEART values within all learning opportunities. 

St John Ambulance's organisational values which spell heart, humanity, excellence, accountability, responsiveness and teamwork.

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Apprenticeship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the Customer Services Practitioner Level 2 apprenticeship run?  

All our apprenticeship programmes take a blended learning approach :

  • Face-to-face or webinar sessions
  • Online learning modules 
  • Capturing work-based learning
  • Regular review meetings

How long will an apprenticeship last?  

A Customer Services Practitioner Level 2 apprenticeship takes 15 months to complete. 

How is the apprenticeship assessed?

After all training is completed, the apprentice will spend the last 3 months of their apprentice working on their ‘End Point Assessment’ (EPA). During their EPA, an apprentice will showcase their competency in the knowledge, skills and behaviours and reflect on their achievements. It will also help prepare them for the next stage of their career. 

The methods used for end-point assessment for this apprenticeship are a practical showcase, professional discussion and practical observation.

Who’s eligible for apprenticeship? 

Before starting a Level 2 Customer Services Practitioner apprenticeship, an apprentice should have some experience of working with customers and have good interpersonal skills.

Apprentices will be required to have or achieve level 1 English and Maths and to have taken level 2 English and Maths tests prior to completion of their Apprenticeship.

An apprentice can be anyone 16 years old or older if they are not in full-time education or undertaking any other government-funded training. An apprenticeship is an attractive route to upskilling your existing staff, as there is no upper age limit.

What's next after an apprenticeship? 

After their Customer Services Practitioner Level 2 apprenticeship, your apprentice will have the skills, experience, and confidence they need to excel within your business or organisation, especially in Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and Procurement roles. 

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Course Summary

Level: Level 2 Apprenticeship

Location: Nationwide

Typical Duration: 12 months

End-Point Assessment Method: Showcase, observation, and professional discussion

Mode of Delivery: Blended

Funding: Use your apprenticeship levy funding or pay £175 (for a non-levy paying organisation). Find out more

Standard: Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education

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