Example certificate 

How to check your certificate

What to do

  1. certificate-step-one

    Step 1

    This section has information about who completed the course. Check that the certificate has been issued to the correct person, and that their name is spelt correctly.

    If either is incorrect, a replacement certificate will be required. See step 3 for more information about this. 

  2. certificate-step-two

    Step 2

    Check the expiration date section of the certificate. This tells you when the certificate is valid until. Once the certificate is no longer valid, the delegate will either need to take the course again, or take a refresher course. 

    More information on when a requalification is required can be found on our training courses advice page.

    Book a requalification course here.

  3. certificate-step-three

    Step 3

    If you have any further questions or need a replacement certificate, please contact our training team, quoting the delegate number and certificate number.

    You can contact the team by phone on 0344 770 4800 (Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm), or email the team at Workplace-Training@sja.org.uk .

    There may be a small charge for replacement certificates to cover printing and postage costs if a hard copy is required.