Clinell RediAir Instant Air Filtration System

Rediair air filtration unit

Clinell RediAir Instant Air Filtration System

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About this product

  • Instant air purification device, providing clean air
  • Captures and traps 99.995% of particles
  • Filters against airborne pathogens (bacteria, fungi and viral aerosols), fine and ultra-fine particles, dust, mites, odours and pet dander
  • Uses two advanced composite HEPA 14 carbon filters
  • Ventilates rooms up to 120m3
  • Ultra quiet

Further Description

Four operating modes
Automatic mode, manual mode, turbo mode and night mode.

LED indicator
Colour change LED indicator shows you the air quality of a room immediately.

Dynamic decontamination
Designed to operate on adjustable turbo, sleep and automatic modes.

Intelligent particulate sensor
Auto mode monitors in real time and adjusts fan speed to maintain air quality.

Dual HEPA 14 Filters
Featuring a composite carbon layer, Rediair’s dual HEPA 14 filters are 10x more effective than domestic HEPA 13 filters.

Digital display
User-friendly display for setting airspeeds, timings and child lock settings.

Dual centrifugal fans
Dual fans and sealed brushless motors provide an exceptionally high clean air delivery rate (CADR) of up to 600m 3/h

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 66.9cm
Weight: 15.1kg
Air flow rate max.: 600 (M³/H)
CADR (clean air delivery rate): 200 – 600 (M³/H)
Air flow rate with H14 filter max.: 600 (M³/H)
Filter type / Cleaning method: Pre-filter, activated carbon + HEPA filter
Filter Class: HEPA 14
Electrical connection: 230 / 50 (V/HZ)
Power: 85 (W)
Noise level min: 22 (DB(A) / 3 M)
Noise level max: 52 (DB(A) / 3 M)
Cable length: 2m
IP class: 20
Additional features: Intelligent particulate sensor, child lock, turbo mode, programmable shutdown
time, ionisation function, rounded edges, brushless motors, castor wheels

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