600ml Child Disposable Bag, Mask and Valve Resuscitator

Child Disposable Resuscitator Set

600ml Child Disposable Bag, Mask and Valve Resuscitator

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About this product

  • Contains latex-free disposable bag, valve and mask
  • Clear mask and valve housing, offers excellent operational view
  • Anatomically shaped mask with soft adjustable air cushions
  • Superb seal and patient comfort
  • Single use to help to prevent cross contamination.

Further Description

The support strap and textured surface of the bag facilitates single hand operation.

A transparent patient valve with a swivel function allows visual monitoring of the valve function and easy positioning of the bag.

There is no measurable forward and back leak and a low inspiratory and expiratory resistance.


  • Disposable resuscitator with patient valve
  • Size 0 mask
  • Size 1 mask
  • Size 3 mask
  • 600ml valve controlled oxygen reservoir bag
  • Oxygen supply tube
  • Transparent plastic bag for storage

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