Evac-S Hand Held Single Use Suction Device

Evac-S Hand Held Single Use Suction Device

Evac-S Hand Held Single Use Suction Device

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About this product

  • Manual, hand-held suction device
  • Single-use for emergency situations
  • Lightweight and portable the unit can be powered with one hand leaving the other hand free for other tasks
  • Offers high vacuum performance at 500mmHg
  • No risk of cross contamination for good infection control.

Further Description

The device us easy to assemble, just connect the catheter of your choice and the product is ready to use. After use the device can be placed back into the polybag, resealed and the product label can be peeled to reveal a bio-hazard warning label.

CE marked.

ISO 13485.



  • 300ml canister
  • Adult and paediatric catheters
  • Pump handle
  • Cap connection port
  • Self-seal disposal bag
  • Bio-hazard label.

Technical Specifications

Vacuum (max): 500mmHg

Peak free airflow: > 20ml

Disposable container volume: 300ml

External diameter of cap (suction port): 17mm

External diameter of catheters: 9mm Adult, 10fg Paediatric

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