Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit

Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit

Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit

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About this product

  • Casualty simulation kit for major incident training
  • Contains 29 different complex, latex-free wound replicas and accessories for creating realism
  • For training higher levels of trauma identification, diagnosis, bandaging skills and patient care
  • Can be used on manikins
  • Supplied in sturdy red carry toolbox with convenient lift out tray

Further Description

A versatile set of lifelike models of complex injuries for major incident, advanced first aid training.

Includes open amputation, compound fractures, sucking chest wound, gun shot and embedded glass.

Also contains reservoir bags and pump assemblies for bleeding wounds.

All items are also available individually.


Bleeding wounds supplied (complete with reservoir bags with pump assembly):

  • 1 x open amputation
  • 1 x  tibia compound fracture 
  • 1 x humerus compound fracture 
  • 1 x sucking chest wound
  • 1 x palm gunshot wound

Non - bleeding wounds: 

  • 24 x Non-bleeding assorted lacerations and open fractures

Accessories supplied: 

  • 1 x Bottle coagulant makeup blood
  • 1 x Pack blood powder thickener
  • 3 x Packs blood powder
  • 1 x Adhesive stick
  • 1 x Casualty simulation wax
  • 1 x Pack broken Plexiglas® (simulating glass imbedded wound)
  • 1 x Each greasepaint - white, blue, brown and red
  • 1 x Atomizer mist sprayer
  • 3 x Spatulas
  • 3 x Tongue depressors

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