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How to use a plaster:

  1. Clean and dry skin around the wound.
  2. Unwrap plaster, peel back the strips and place on wound.
  3. Pull away protective strips and press edges of plaster around wound. 

A plaster, or adhesive dressing, can be used to cover small cuts and grazes. Plasters come in several different sizes as well as different shapes for areas like the elbow, heel and fingertips. People who work with food must cover wounds with blue, visible, waterproof plasters.  

What to do

  1. Clean and dry the skin around the wound. Unwrap the plaster and holding it by the protective strips with the pad facing downwards. 

  2. Peel back the strips to show the pad, but do not remove them. Place the pad on the wound, making sure you don’t touch the surface of the pad.

  3. Carefully pull away the protective strips and press the edges of the plaster down.

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