1. Give it up

    Sometimes it’s about what you don’t do. Get sponsored to give something up for a month or more, such as shaving, social media, or alcohol.

  2. Get baking

    Organise a homemade cake sale at work, school, or your sports club. An easy and delicious way to raise money!

  3. Pamper party

    Why not gather friends and family for a night-in of pampering? Ask them to donate to take part, get the face masks on and gossip the night away.

  4. Trade up

    Remember the guy who traded a red paper clip for a house? Start out with something small and trade it with someone for another item. Keep trading until you end up with a valuable item which you could sell or auction.

  5. Themed parties

    Gather your friends and family and host themed parties such as Christmas, Halloween, Bonfire Night or a summer barbeque.

  6. Quenching that thirst

    Host a coffee morning, cheese and wine evening, or a cocktail evening with your friends and family.

  7. Karaoke

    A classic event but always a winner. It can be in your local pub, office, or your own home - the choice is yours, all you need is a microphone (or a hairbrush).

  8. Auction of promises

    Ask friends and family to donate their skills, expertise, and services for an auction. Also, try persuading local restaurants, theatres, and leisure centres to offer other goodies.

  9. Games evening

    Get your hands on Monopoly, create a quiz, play charades or get the cards out. Make it a marathon and see how long everybody lasts!

  10. Talent competition

    Get friends and family to perform their talent to an audience and a panel of judges. Who has got the X Factor?

  11. Gift of life

    Instead of receiving gifts for your birthday or for Christmas, why not ask friends and family to donate instead.

  12. Be silent for a day

    Got what it takes? Get friends and family to sponsor you to be silent for a day!

  13. Bad taste day

    Who can fashion the most garish outfit? Get people to donate to take part.

  14. Treasure hunt

    This can be in the office or outside in the park. Local families and businesses can get involved too. Ask local businesses to donate items and hide them around the area.

Planning your own fundraising event?

If you're organising your own fundraising event or just thinking about it, we'd love to hear from you! We can provide you with fundraising support and materials.