Compliments and complaints

We aim to provide the best possible care and service to all our customers, patients, donors and fundraisers.

From time to time we might get things wrong. If you would like to send us feedback on our services, please get in touch. You can give us feedback by filling in the form below, or, if you're a patient or their representative, completing our patient experience survey.

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Complaints policy

We might not get things right all the time. This procedure describes how you can tell us about that and what we will do to try to put things right.

If you have a legitimate complaint about us, we want to put things right. We are committed to resolving legitimate complaints fairly and promptly, and to learning how we can improve our services. Our Policy covers complaints raised at any level within the charity. However, it will not apply to certain types of complaint.

Types of complaint covered

Types of complaint covered

  • The standard of service we provide.
  • The behaviour of our people delivering that service.
  • The charity’s policy, communications, resources, or decisions about that service.

Types of complaint not covered

  • Whistleblowing complaints (such as criminal matters - which should be reported to the Police, or serious Regulatory breaches – which should be referred to the relevant Regulator)
  • Disputes between the charity/its volunteers/its staff (which must follow our internal Grievance Procedures)
  • Complaints which we have already dealt with via this Policy
  • Anonymous complaints – we cannot reply to such complaints but will consider if action is needed
  • Complaints by Third Parties – unless they are acting as an advocate for you AND with your consent
  • Complaints which are inappropriate (we will not accept vexatious, malicious, abusive, frivolous or other inappropriate complaints)

Where at all possible, complaints will be dealt with informally in the first instance. Most complaints can be resolved in this way, avoiding the need for more formal investigation, which could lead to extended timeframes and complexity. In some cases it will be necessary for us to refer you to a third party, for example where we provided services as a sub-contractor to the NHS.

Confidentiality and data protection

Outcome and appeal

Learning from complaints

Process of making a complaint

Informal complaints process

Most complaints can be resolved informally. It is often the quickest and most efficient route to resolving a complaint. In order to pursue an informal resolution, the complaint should be referred to the person who manages the service, or manages the person complained about. If you do not know who this is then you should contact our Feedback and Complaints Team at

Formal complaints process

What should be included in your complaint

How we will deal with your complaint

Appealing a decision

Exhaustion of the internal complaints process

Please address your Feedback and Complaints to:

St John Ambulance 

1 Fox Crescent


Essex CM1 2BN