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Spring clean your health and home to support St John Ambulance

Spring is the season of new beginnings. It is slowly getting warmer; the grass is getting a bit greener and the air feels a bit fresher. It is the perfect time of year to have a declutter and get outside!

So this Spring why not Spring into Action for St John Ambulance and support our volunteers as they continue to step forward to give vital support to those in need across the country.

  1. 30 day challenge with St John Ambulance

    30 Day Challenge

    Give up something that you think is bad for you like eating chocolate or watching too many videos online. Or, pick something good for you; could challenge yourself to read a book every day?

    Start your challenge today

  2. Person carrying a magnifying glass, searching for a clue

    Scavenger hunt

    Take part in the St John Scavenger Hunt and see if you can find all the things on our list in your area. Or, create your own to get your friends and family out and about in a socially distanced way.  

    Get hunting now

  3. Person putting clothes into boxes to spring clean

    Spring clean your home

    Why not give your wardrobe or bookshelves a bit of a clean. Go through your stuff and decide what you can sell.

    Let the cleaning begin

  4. Person doing gardening planting flower

    Open your Garden

    Your garden is very much a part of your home so why not open it up to share with the public? This can be done in person or virtually.

    Get you garden ready

Norfolk Open Garden

If you are local to Norfolk why not attend the Norfolk Open Gardens?

Run by the St John Ambulance Norfolk County Priory Group, between April and June. Guests can visit six exclusive gardens across the county. 

Spring is when these gardens are at their most beautiful, so you will be exploring them in their full glory. 

For information on the gardens and the opening dates and times please see: 
Norfolk Open Garden

Lockdown, cupcakes & mental health

Take on a challenge set by Ceremonial Staff and St John Gateway Volunteer, Christopher McCorkell, and his wife, Dr Gemma who works for the NHS. 

  • Bake 5 cupcakes 
  • Reach out and check-in with 5 friends to find out how their mental health is during lockdown 
  • Donate £5 to St John Ambulance here