Eileen and Pauline

Remembering Eileen Gladys Walker

Pauline Ann Ford passed away on 7th November 2016. Her sister Brenda, who was also her executor, remembers her as a private person who loved her old car, visiting her sister in Norfolk, and always had some knitting on the go.

In Pauline's Will, she generously remembered a number of charities including a gift to St John Ambulance. It was in memory of her late mother Eileen Gladys Walker.

Volunteering with St John Ambulance

Eileen volunteered with St John Ambulance for over thirty years in Hainault, London. She was passionate about the role and did a lot of independent study on medicine. Brenda says her children thought “she was more qualified than some of the doctors”. As well as being on duty, she spent a lot of time with the young Cadets, helping them achieve their goals.

Friend and fellow volunteer, Daphne, remembers how much fun Eileen was to be around and how well loved she was by all, especially the Cadets. Her dedicated service made a huge difference to her local community.

Supporting the life saving work of our volunteers

When it came to making her Will, Pauline remembered the difference her mother’s volunteering made. Her generous gift is helping fund the training and equipment of the next generation of St John Ambulance volunteers.

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