What you'll get up to

Lifesaving equipment doesn’t move itself. Thanks to the support of our volunteer logistics team we are able to deliver the best care to our patients and ensure that our St John people have the best experience.

You can support logistics in a variety of different ways:

  • transporting equipment to and from events
  • building treatment centres at major events
  • maintaining stocks of first aid supplies
  • checking equipment


Operational Support Volunteer

Knowing I’ve done my bit to help keep the city safe is what I enjoy most about volunteering. Being on duty at Potter’s Field during the 2012 London Olympics was incredibly memorable! – Malcolm, Radio Communications Volunteer

Roles in this category include:

Radio communications team member

You’ll support communications at events by helping to set up, maintain, and operate radios, and other event communications equipment.

Minimum time commitment:

3 hours per week, mostly evenings and weekends.

Experience needed:

No previous first aid experience required.

Volunteer drivers

District logistics officer

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