Fundraising at University

First Aid Societies are a vital part of St John Ambulance's fundraising operations. Most of our First Aid Societies have appointed a Fundraising Lead, whose role is to plan and coordinate fundraising events throughout the academic year. This page has information on how to get involved, and some inspiration for your next event!


Event Suggestions

There's so many things you could decide to do! Here's a list of some of our favourites:

  • Run a 12-hour or 24-hour CPR Marathon - always a faviourite with our First Aid Societies
  • Host a Karaoke Night or Themed Event at your Students Union Bar
  • Put on a fundraising Bake sale during Freshers Week on campus
  • Partner with another society to show them what St John Ambulance is all about
  • Set up a Movie or Quiz Night using the big screen in a Lecture Theatre
  • Bring an Ambulance to campus and put on First Aid Demonstrations


Raise and Give Scheme

Most Students Unions participate in a "Raising and Giving" scheme, often referred to as RAG. The idea of RAG is that the Students Union "adopts" a charity, and societies can raise money for that charity. The RAG Officers or committee at the university can help support your fundraising activity. By nominating St John Ambulance to be one of the chosen charities, it will provide an opportunity for you to fundraise and spread awareness about the organisation. Please visit your Students Union website for more information, or get in contact with your RAG Officers at University.


Raising Money Online

Lots of events can be organised and run without leaving your bedroom! Quiz nights, movie screenings and much more can be arranged through video call platforms like Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom. These are a fantastic way of including people who live off-campus or throughout the holidays.

You can set up a JustGiving page or a Facebook fundraiser in order to raise money and share it with your family and friends across different social media platforms. And don't forget to use Amazon Smile when shopping online!


Become a Fundraising Volunteer

You can join St John as a Community Fundraiser and help raise much-needed funds. You would help deliver fundraising activities in your community, such as bucket collections, pin badge sales and cheering on runners at large events such as the London Marathon. Click here to find out more about what Fundraising volunteers do.


Sponsorship Events

There's always lots of events you can get involved in and raise sponsorship money for St John. Click here for the list of events we are supporting and enter for your space!


Got any questions?

Our team of dedicated Student Volunteering Officers are here to help.