Become a Cadet First Aider (age 13+)

You can become a Cadet First Aider by completing our Operational Skills course. Alongside adult volunteers, you'll be able to put your first aid skills into practise at local and national events. For example, the London Marathon, Manchester Pride, music festivals, and sporting events.

I was trusted to be a Treatment Centre Manager at Victoria Park. I was really proud to be trusted with such responsibilities. – Emma-Jane, Cadet First Aider

Become a Peer Educator (age 14+)

Build your confidence and develop your communication skills by becoming a Peer Educator. You'll be able to work with others to provide first aid training to people in your community. You'll also be encouraged to plan and lead your own training sessions.


Peer educator teaching first aid

Become a Leader (age 13+)

Our leadership courses can help you develop your public speaking skills, and your ability to identify good leadership. You'll be able to set a great example to your fellow Cadets. You also might be able to take on more responsibility within your unit.

Interested in doing a Cadet development course?

If you're a Cadet and would like to do one of our development courses, please speak with your Unit Manager. 

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