Monday November 1, 2021: St John Ambulance has unveiled three inspirational new stories that form the basis of the health and first aid charity’s ongoing Ask Me campaign.

From parents saving a child’s life, to bringing a colleague back from the brink of death in the office, and stopping a man bleeding out on the streets of Manchester, each of the stories is featuring in radio and social media advertising from today.

And there are plans for the stories to be shared in other ways throughout November. Watch this space.

In the meantime, our new Ask Me stars tell us how first aid saves lives…

Sophie and Colin

Sophie and Colin’s used first aid skills to save their baby boy’s life when he started choking and stopped breathing. Thanks to the skills they learned from St John, their son, Ethan is now a healthy 13-year-old Arsenal fan, with a clutch of martial arts medals.

Simon and Flora

Simon Lea suffered a heart attack at work in central London. Fortunately, his colleague Flora Streeter was sitting opposite him; as a St John Ambulance first aider, she recognised his symptoms straight away and helped save Simon’s life when he went into cardiac arrest.

Shola and Raisa

Shola is from Manchester and Raisa is from Beckton; both are first aid trained by St John. They have witnessed stabbing incidents - including saving a life, in Shola’s case – and are now striving to upskill their peers on what to do in an emergency.

For first aid advice, or to find out more about St John Ambulance’s amazing volunteers and how you can support their work visit: