15 February 2022: Last week St John Ambulance celebrated a significant milestone: 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot, gaining a 5-star excellent rating from its customers. 

Since 2017 when St John began using Trustpilot to enable trainees to review their training courses, defining factors became clear in the reviews: the quality of service and the trainers who deliver them. As the nation’s leading first aid training provider St John is well known for its high-quality courses but also the extra mile that trainers will go to ensure an enjoyable training course.  

Over the last two years, St John have continued to teach people to stay safe and save lives, adapting to COVID-secure regulations and continuing to provide high-quality training. This work has not gone unnoticed by the thousands of people who have taken the time to leave Trustpilot reviews, and the hundreds of new Trustpilot reviews left each week.

Take a look at St John’s reviews on Trustpilot here.

This accomplishment illustrates the hard work of St John to provide the best experience, from booking the right course all the way through training and to the continued support and resources available after delegates leave the training room. 

George Woods, Chief Business Officer at St John Ambulance said: 

“This achievement just goes to show how much our delegates notice and appreciate the exceptional effort that St John Ambulance put in every single day when teaching people to stay safe and save lives. Every extra moment taken to answer a question, make a personal connection or reassure a delegate is reflected in this milestone.” 

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