Has your risk assessment looked at holiday first aid cover?

Holiday first aid cover

With the holiday season just around the corner there’s an increased risk of absent first aiders and workplaces being left without appropriate first aid cover.

Businesses have a responsibility to safeguard their workers and visitors all year round, yet 79% of employees have found themselves at work with no first aid cover available.

Free first aid calculator

Try our free and simple first aid requirements calculator and receive personalised recommendations that will help you check your organisation is covered for holiday absence.

The level of first aid cover required is determined by a risk assessment and a first aid needs review. When carrying out a risk assessment and first aid needs review we always recommend that businesses consider training additional first aiders in case of holiday or sickness absence.

Importance of first aiders

Our research has found that first aid has a positive effect on the workplace, with 67% of businesses indicating that first aid has a noticeable impact on reducing injury and illness at work. Additionally there is a 71% likelihood of first aiders using their skills during the 3 years of their initial training.

St John Ambulance training courses

At St John Ambulance we provide much more than just first aid training courses. Whether it’s first aid, fire safety, safe moving and handling or learning how to conduct a risk assessment, our training is designed to help you meet all your legal health and safety training requirements.

What's more, as a leading provider of first aid and health and safety supplies, we can help you choose the appropriate kit for your workplace, based on your organisation's individual needs, including first aid kits, fire extinguishers and defibrillators.

Book a course online now or call 0844 770 4800 to talk to and book with one of our customer service advisers.

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