Volunteer at Great North Run

Everyone loves a good story. What makes an amazing St John story is when it’s told first hand.

By sharing your story with us, we will be able to tell others about the difference we have made to your life in your own words, with all the emotions you felt. Every person we meet matters to us – and so does their story.

Whether you’d like to share a story about how we helped you, or how St John first aid training helped you to save a life, or simply to write a thank-you note, we appreciate every comment and story we receive. If we can, we will make sure the St John person or team involved will hear how they have made a difference to you.

What will my story be used for?

Sharing your story with us helps us spread awareness of our work, helps us build up a bigger picture of our charity’s impact, and to ensure the quality of our service. Your stories also help us to talk about our work to our supporters, other charities and organisations, so we can continue to fund our lifesaving work for many years to come.  Your story may also be used in St John’s or our partners’ internal and external communications, including on the website, on social channels, and in the media (including radio, TV, online and print).

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Please only complete this form if you've been supported by St John Ambulance's first aid teams or received care from us.

For all other enquiries, eg. workplace training, supplies, please use our Contact Us page instead.


"What happened to me could happen to anyone."

Emilia shares her story of breaking her leg at the Chester Marathon, and the treatment she received from our volunteers.

Read more of her story here.

Emilia's story

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Logan was only 10 years old when he awoke to find his Grandad in severe pain.

Logan was only 10 years old when he awoke to find his Grandad in severe pain.

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Logan's story

"We never give up on anybody."

In Hastings our compassionate volunteers offer help to homeless and vulnerably housed people, treating everything from foot ulcers to head injuries.

Read more about our service here.

Hastings Homeless Service volunteer

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Information for St John people

If you are a St John person and you would like to share your story, please email your-story@sja.org.uk. These stories are used for communications purposes, you still need to complete all clinical paperwork.