How to use the platform

The Online Learning Space is an area on our eLearning Platform that individuals can register to access. It is a free resource to help aid your skill retention through short interactive modules, mini courses and activities.

It also includes online modules that must be completed (as part of our blended online training courses) before you attend the second part of the courses in person at one of our training venues.

Booking Guide

For courses marked with a * if you are making a booking on behalf of the course attendee, please ensure you set up the required etraining account under the attendee’s email address for them to access the course.

If you would like to book multiple people onto a courses marked with a *, please contact

Frequently asked questions

My username and password aren't working

The online learning space login details are separate from your St John Ambulance account details. You will need to create an account at using the 'Register here for free' link.

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it using the "need assistance? Reset your password link"  on

What system requirements do I need to use it?

Why does nothing happen when I click enter on a module?

Why does the course completion still say not started, even though I have completed the course?

How do I receive my online certificate?

My certificate doesn't have a date?

How can I give feedback?

What happens to the data I share with St John Ambulance

How do I log out of the online training platform?

I've clicked on a course but I'm taken to the etraining homepage not the course