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Frequently asked questions about our Training Courses

COVID-19 Information

Is my course still going ahead during lockdown?

Government guidelines state that essential training for businesses and employees can continue during the lockdown. Our training provides a critical service in making workplaces safer, protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of employees and relieving pressure on the National Health Service. Therefore, we are continuing to deliver our training courses in a COVID-secure way and the majority of our courses are still going ahead. Follow the links below to check the status of a course and to find out more about our COVID-secure training measures.

Important -
we are recommending that delegates wear warm clothing (we suggest lots of layers that can be added or removed) and bring gloves, scarves etc., when attending our courses, as we will be keeping rooms well ventilated by opening windows. 

What precautions are you putting in place?

Do I need to wear a mask?

How big are your class sizes

Course Bookings

Can I make a booking?

To make a booking you can find a course at a suitable time and location using our Course search tool, and my making a card payment online.

How much is the course?

Where can I do the course?

How do I book?

Do you accept card payments?

Can I have an invoice?

Can I change my course date?

How do I cancel a booked course?

Why do you charge cancellation fees?

Course Information

How often should I do first aid training?

A First Aid at Work or Emergency First Aid at Work certificate is only valid for 3 years. You need to complete either a requalification in First Aid at Work or redo the Emergency First Aid at Work before your certificate expires to continue to fulfil the role of a first aider in the workplace.

Although a certificate is valid for three years, studies have shown that the quality of first aid skills can deteriorate after 6 months. This is called skills fade. The HSE strongly recommends that first aiders complete an annual refresher of their first aid skills.

Which course should I take?

How many Fire Marshals do I need?

What is blended training?

What is the difference between first aid at work and emergency first aid at work?

How do I become a Certified First Aider?

Can you fail a first aid at work course?

How many first aiders do I need?

What is the difference between a first aider and an appointed person?

Requalification & Certification

What if my 1-day certificate has expired?

If a delegate’s 1-day (Emergency First Aid at Work) course certificate is due to or has expired, the delegate simply attends an Emergency First Aid at Work (1-day) course again to receive a new St John Ambulance certificate that is valid for a further three years.

My certificate has expired, can I still take the 2-day Requalification course?

How do I request a copy of my certificate?

How do I check if my first aid certificate is still in date?

How long does first aid at work certificate last for?

Online Learning

You can view FAQs about Online Learning here.

Onsite Training

Do you offer onsite training?

We offer in-house and on-site first aid and health and safety training at your premises, workplace, school or community group.

You can read more about the offering and requirements here.

Are there minimum requirements to the room size?

Venue Information

Where do you run training courses?

We offer training courses across England in a variety of venues. 

View the list of training venues.

Do you have parking at the venues?

Does your venue have disabled access / car park / bike rack?