ZOLL Infant/Child Pedi Padz II

Zoll Infant/Child Pedi Padz® II for Zoll® Defibrillators

ZOLL Infant/Child Pedi Padz II

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About this product

  • Two-piece Infant/Child pads for the ZOLL® AED Plus and ZOLL® AED Pro defibrillators
  • Designed for patients under 8 years of age or under 25kg
  • The defibrillator can sense when the paediatric electrodes are attached and automatically switch to a paediatric ECG analysis algorithm
  • Also compatible with the M series®, E series® and R series®.

Further Description

When connected to the defibrillator, voice and text prompts inform the rescuers that the Pedi Padz® are connected, ensuring that the proper electrodes are being used. The defibrillator will automatically provide paediatric-specific energy levels.

Electronics in the defibrillator adjust defibrillating energy levels automatically so that suitable doses are delivered accurately, when needed. The AED Plus and AED Pro do not rely on a attenuator in the wires of the paediatric electrodes to reduce delivered energy, ensuring that child patients always receive appropriate, paediatric specific energy levels.

Pedi padz II are designed with anatomical diagrams on the package to facilitate fast and accurate pad placement.

For more information on how to use the Pedi-Padz, please see the demonstration video.

Technical Specifications

Weight: 0.2kg

Conductive Gel: Hydrogel

Conductive element: Tin

Conductive surface area: 50.3cm2 (back of electrode)

Leadwire length: 86.4cm

Energy level: 50, 70, 85 Joules

ZOLL® code: 8900-0810-01

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