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Learn how to use bandages

How to put on a bandage

Bandages can be used to support injured joints, secure dressings and control bleeding.

How to bandage a hand

When you have hurt your hand, you can use a roller bandage to hold a dressing in place, or to support a sprained wrist. Find out what to do.

How to do elbow and knee bandages

Elbow and knee injuries such as sprains and strains can be supported by a roller bandage. Find out how to do elbow and knee bandages.

How to make an arm sling

An arm sling holds the forearm in a raised or horizontal position and can support an injured upper arm, forearm and wrist. The sling is also a useful visual warning to others that someone is injured.

How to make an elevation sling

An elevation sling is different to an arm sling. It supports the casualty's forearm and hand in a raised position.