Pack of 8 Carell® Bedbath Wipes

Pack of 8 Carell® Bedbath Wipes

Pack of 8 Carell® Bedbath Wipes

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About this product

  • Replaces the need for traditional patient cleansing methods including preparing bowls, washcloths, soaps, lotions and water
  • No towel drying required, decreasing waste
  • Designed for cleaning and moisturising the body in one simple step
  • Large soft wipes designed for use on face, neck, chest, arms, perineum, legs, back and buttocks
  • Contains Aloe vera and vitamin E for deep moisturising.

Further Description

Removes the risk of microorganism transmission associated with wash bowl contamination. This reduces the associated risk of lifting and carrying heavy bowls of water and the risk of spills and potential falls. Improved patient cleanliness reduces the number of microorganisms present to transfer to healthcare workers, visitors and the environment.

Reduces laundry bills and nursing time.

Dermatologically tested – skin neutral pH, Alcohol, lanolin, and paraben free.

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