Laerdal Pocket Mask Extra

Laerdal Pocket Mask Extra

Laerdal Pocket Mask Extra

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About this product

  • Reusable Laerdal Pocket Mask Extra
  • Provides added safety in preventing mouth-to-mouth contact when performing CPR
  • Includes one-way valve, O2 filter, and other accessories in a case
  • Supports patient’s airway with moderate head tilt, jaw lift, and opening of the mouth
  • Leakproof with transparent dome to allow the first aider to check for lip colour and secretions.

Further Description

Easy to clean - can be washed with soapy water or disinfectant suitable for plastics.

Standard coupling size - 1.5cm port permits connections to standard or mechanical breathing devices without the need for adaptors.

Mask can be cleaned and reused

One-way valve can be cleaned and reused for repeated manikin training only, but must be discarded after single patient use

Filter and valve must be discarded after each use

Suitable for use with oxygen

CE marked




  • 1 x Pair gloves
  • 1 x Face mask
  • 1 x Adjustable head strap
  • 1 x Hard plastic yellow case
  • 1 x One-way valve and O2 filter

Technical Specifications

Laerdal code: 830011

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