Nexus Anti-Shrinkage Vacuum Mattress

Nexus Vacuum Mattress

Nexus Anti-Shrinkage Vacuum Mattress

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About this product

  • For patient transportation including in an inclined position
  • Lightweight yet hardwearing multi layered, non flexion mattress that will not shrink
  • Can be used by just two rescuers without compromising the stabilisation of the patient
  • Longitudinal lower and upper champers made of durable nylon coated with poly-vinyl and multi-layer reaction with anti-shrinkage properties
  • Durable base and can also be attached to a spinal board

Further Description

The Nexus Anti-Shrinkage Vacuum Mattress can be stored in small places. 

The on/off valve made of chromed brass with a built-in fitting for rubber tube is resistant to any temperature and guarantees unlimited duration.

Embedded inserts in the lower side of the mattress, offer more support to the patient and limit the retraction of the mattress during decompression procedures.

Vacuum mattresses are devices for the immobilisation of trauma patients. The vacuum system allows different levels of immobilisation. The more rigid helps the right positioning of the patient; softer ones allow to mitigate the low frequency vibrations typically found on emergency vehicles during transport.


  • 3 x nylon patient restraints
  • 1 x pump
  • 1 x durable nylon carry bag

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 202.5 x 85.5 x 10cm

Weight: 5.6kg

Load capacity: 150kg

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