TVAC Manual Disposable Suction Unit

Suction Easy Single Use Disposable Suction Unit

TVAC Manual Disposable Suction Unit

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About this product

  • Compact oral suction device to effectively clear the oral pharynx
  • Bulb design provides consistent vacuum force, storage and protection of the large bore suction tube and creates vacuum pressure approximately 110mm Hg.
  • Collection bag volume > 1000ml
  • Easy to grasp and can be used regardless of the user’s hand size or grip strength
  • Simple disposal eliminates cross contamination concerns

Further Description

TVAC Manual Suction Unit effectively clears the patient’s oral pharynx so that no critical airway management event should fail due to fluids in the oropharynx.

This disposable portable suction unit with its resilient silicone bulb performs reliably in even the harshest climates without loss of suction.

The TVAC Manual Suction Unit comes in a field friendly compact package, just pull out the built-in tube and start sucking. No bulky cartridges or brittle parts to break.

After use, simply place the entire TVAC Manual Suction Unit back inside its packaging, seal, expose the biohazard label on the package and dispose appropriately.

Technical Specifications

Fluid capacity: > 1,000 ml

Vacuum force: 110 mmHg

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