Ambu® CPR Pal Training Manikin

Ambu® CPR Pal Training Manikin

Ambu® CPR Pal Manikin

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About this product

  • Lightweight adult CPR training manikin
  • The airway is only open when the head is correctly hyper extended
  • Stomach inflation is indicated with a whistling sound
  • Complete unit and necessary accessorises in a carry bag
  • Hygienic system eliminates the risk of cross infections.

Further Description

Use the Ambu® CPR Pal training manikin for quality CPR training and teaching essential first aid on adults. 

All students receive their own face piece and head bag for training. At the end of the training the face piece can be cleaned and the head bag discarded to avoid cross contamination.

As in real life, the airway opens only when the head is properly hyper extended. Stomach inflation indicated by a whistling sound.


  • 1 x Ambu® CPR Pal Training Manikin
  • 5 x Removable face pieces
  • 50 x Head bags
  • 1 x Carry bag

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 73cm x 40cm x 25cm

Weight: 3.8kg

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