Laerdal Resusci® Anne QCPR AED Training Manikin Torso with Airway Head

Laerdal Resusci® Anne QCPR AED Airway Head Torso with Carry Bag

Laerdal Resusci® Anne QCPR AED Training Manikin Torso with Airway Head

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About this product

  • Realistic manikin torso for adult CPR training for professional healthcare providers allowing for practice of airway manoeuvres and can be used with a defibrillator
  • Physiologically correct design allows practicing identification of anatomical landmarks - to learn life saving patient handling
  • Carotid pulse simulation and occluded airway to realistically check for pulse with hyperextension stresses proper head position
  • Natural obstruction of the airways allows students to learn correct techniques  for opening the airway and the head tilt, chin lift and jaw thrust
  • Used with feedback devices the QCPR technology enables instructors and students to effectively monitor and review CPR performance and competency.

Further Description

Manikin features:

  • Realistic chest rise and fall
  • Compatible with Laerdal Link Technology
  • Defibrillator pad placement sensors
  • Compatible with the Laerdal Trainer 2 and Laerdal Trainer 3
  • Compatible with SimPad PLUS with SkillReporter or SkillGuide for performance assessment
  • Disposable airways and removable faces for more hygienic training
  • Latex-free.

The Resusci® Anne QCPR AED Training Manikin Torso with Airway Head can be used to train the following:

  • Airway occlusion for students to learn the important technique of opening the airway with the head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust manoeuvre
  • Ventilation with bag-valve-mask
  • Automated chest compression machine
  • Sellick manoeuvre (cricoid pressure)
  • Positive pressure ventilation
  • Laryngeal mask airway
  • Supraglotic airways (LMA, LTA, Combitube and iGel 4)
  • Defibrillator training using a live defibrillator when used with ShockLink

QCPR Technology

QCPR measurement and feedback technology enables:

  • Real-time feedback on compressions and ventilations
  • Post-training debrief, including overall scores and tips for improvement
  • Details on compression release, depth and rate, ventilation volume, and number of compressions, ventilations and cycles
  • Instructors and trainees to more effectively monitor and review CPR performance, increasing the efficiency and value of training time 

Instructors can monitor up to six learners at the same time, allowing them to assess performance results of multiple individuals in real-time and provide a team debrief while also focusing on individual performances.

Feedback is available through purchasing the SkillGuide or downloading the free QCPR Learner and QCPR Instructor apps available from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

With the app, the instructor gets a performance overview of up to six manikins, at the same time. Using their own observations and the objective feedback from the app, the instructor can quickly and effectively coach the learners to improve.


  • 1 x Resusci® Anne QCPR AED Training Manikin Torso
  • 50 x Manikin Wipes
  • 2 x Extra compression springs (30kg and 60kg)
  • 2 x Eye Normal Pupil
  • 2 x Eye Cons Pupil
  • 2 x Eye Dilated Pupil
  • 1 x Foam Eye Kit
  • 6 x Eyeball
  • 1 x Eye Set Container
  • 1 x Glycerol Spray 180 ml
  • 1 x USB Cable A-C
  • 1 x AC Power Adapter USB 2A
  • 1 x 45kg Compression Spring (Installed)
  • 1 x Airway Head (Installed)
  • 1 x AED Skin (Installed)
  • 1 x Soft carry bag with integrated kneel mat
  • 1 x Jacket
  • 1 x Important Product Information Document
  • 1 x User Guide

Technical Specifications

Laerdal code174-00160

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