Emergency advice

Helping someone with an object in the ear or nose:

  1. Call 999 or 112.
  2. Don’t try to remove the object. 
  3. If it’s an insect, try gently flooding the ear.

Children and babies often push foreign objects into their nose or ears. This can cause all sort of problems.  

What to do

  1. Object in ear or nose - baby first aid - call 999 or 112

    If you think the baby or child has an object in the ear or nose, attend your nearest emergency department or minor injuries unit.

    • Do not try to remove the foreign object yourself as you might push the object in further.
    • Keep the casualty calm.
  2. Insect in baby or child's ear - gently flood ear with tepid water

    If there’s an insect inside the ear, you can support the casualty’s head with the affected ear facing upwards, and gently flood the ear with tepid water. This should allow the insect to float out.

    • If this flooding does not remove the insect, seek medical advice.

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