Who is this lesson for? 

This lesson is suitable for pupils in Key Stage 2.

What is included in the lesson?

The teaching resources include:

  • KS2 Basic Life Support Lesson Plan (doc) - 161 KB
  • KS2 Basic Life Support Presentation (ppt) - 7.34 MB
  • KS2 A12 When Things Go Wrong (doc) - 66 KB
  • KS2 A13 Chain of Survival (doc) - 50 KB
  • KS2 A15 CPR Sorting (doc) - 364 KB
  • KS2 A15 CPR Sorting Answers (doc) - 527 KB
  • KS2 A16 The Human Body - Teacher (doc) - 5.29 MB
  • KS2 A16 The Human Body - Pupil (doc) - 198 KB
  • KS2 A17 Casualty Care Actions (doc) - 61 KB
  • KS2 Your Turn Basic Life Support (ppt) - 1.14 MB
  • Teacher Guidance CPR (doc) - 142 KB
  • Teacher Guidance Primary Survey (doc) - 146 KB
  • Teacher Guidance Recovery Position (doc) - 148 KB

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By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

  1. conduct a primary survey
  2. place a casualty who is unresponsive and breathing normally into the recovery position
  3. identify when it is necessary for CPR to be given (when a casualty is unresponsive and not breathing normally)
  4. seek medical help.

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